IHLIA LGBTI Heritage Collection based at OBA (Obenbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam). On the left side of the image, there is a row of wooden open bookshelves with cardboard archival boxes, each having a white label indicating its content. Between two cardboard boxes a silver sticker sticks out. At the center of the sticker there is the question of "Why are the authors of the books I read so white, so male, so Eurocentric?". Some of the lettering towards the left is hidden by the cardboard boxes. On the right side of the sticker, there is the link to the Read-in website: https://read-in.info/. Towards the right side of the image there seems to be a corridor with grey floor that ends into another row of bookshelves with cardboard archival boxes and on the top red folders filled with magazines and white labels .Photo: Thea Sibbel

Sticker in use: IHLIA collection

In the archives of IHLIA