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Screenshot taken of the Feminist Search Tools based on the IHLIA LGBTI Heritage Collection, depicting the cluster "Gender".

Visualisation Tool, close view: contains terms from cluster “Gender”

Each cluster is a curated compiliation of Homosaurus terms connected to the cluster. The graph at the center of the screenshot is divided in two axes. The y-axis depicts the most encountered publishers in the IHLIA collection and the x-axis Homosaurus terms connected to the clusters chosen, compiled by Read-in members. The Feminist Search Tools center around the question of “Why are the authors of the books I read so white, so male, so Eurocentric?”, placing the question at the center top of the screenshot, followed by “Feminist Search Tools in collaboration with IHLIA LGBTI Heritage Collection (using the Dutch Homosaurus)”. On the top left, users have the option to chose from 5 different clusters: Race, Gender, Sexuality, Disability & Structural Oppression, whereby Gender is marked bold as it’s selected as filter in this screenshot. On the top right, one can find the key of the Feminist Search Tools, exemplifying the meanings of the different colors used for the results shown in the graph, each color indicating if it contains terms of a particular cluster, pink for the cluster race, purple for the cluster gender, red for the cluster sexuality, blue for the cluster disability and orange for the cluster structural oppression. Additionally, the key shows what the notions of crossed striked-through, terms in red, USE, ADD, (exclude), (red link), (to be filed in) and “undefined” mean.